Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is an exciting career if you are looking for something other than medicine and regular engineering courses available in our country to make a better future. Although Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is just another branch of engineering which is a very new field gaining popularity among the young generation in India and around the world. Those who are doubtful about taking the course can go through this article and find out everything that they need to know.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

The scope of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering as a career is really great in India and abroad as well. The reason is also quite simple. The aviation sector in India is expanding at a rapid pace and to cater to this expansion, airline companies are adding more aeroplanes to their fleet and starting new air routes. All these changes are creating massive career opportunities for professionals associated with the aviation sector in India. Along with this, more and more international airlines are entering the Indian aviation market and operating in the country. So the career scope of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers in India is high and rapidly rising by the expanding aviation sector here.

AME course approved by DGCA

The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course offered by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation is not a degree or a diploma course, it is a licencing programme. On successfully completing the course, the students will be awarded the licence issued by the DGCA. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering courses offered by approved training institutes in India follow a single curriculum prepared by DGCA and only the practical training sessions are different. 

Today, air transport has become one of the most preferred and fastest means of transportation. And this industry is having a huge growth potential to provide millions of job opportunities to many young Indians who are aspiring to join the aviation industry.

Directorate of Civil Aviation Department is the apex body in controlling and regulating civil aviation in India. The aviation training institutes in India are approved and regulated by DGCA and AME licence is awarded to candidates by the department itself. 

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Job

An aircraft Maintenance Engineer is required to be knowledgeable and skilful as it is one of the important jobs in the aviation industry itself. An AME is responsible for ensuring the safety and airworthiness of an aircraft before it takes off. They are required to carry out regular maintenance and overhaul programs, complete repairs and replacements and check out the condition of various aircraft and engine types.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are trained to become skilful at craftsman level and to assist in the repair, rebuild, maintenance and services of aircraft. They are also required to keep records of the maintenance works and engage in emergency repairs.

All these responsibilities make the job and the licence very important for an AME and aspiring ones as well. So as to do well with your career, an aspirant is required to do the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course from an approved aviation training institute in India. The AME licence awarded from DGCA approved institutes in India is valid internationally and is recognised by the international bodies which deal with the safety and security of civil aviation around the world. 

To become successful as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, you are required to develop some qualities which include good hand-eye coordination, neatness and accuracy, attention to detail, great concentration ability etc. An AME would also be required to work in confined spaces or at heights on platforms around aircraft. 

Becoming a licenced AME

An aircraft which is servicing is required to undergo regular maintenance check before and after each flight mandated by national and international law. By this law, every airline company, organisations which own an aircraft are required to hire licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineers to perform the repair, overhaul and maintenance. In India, the Directorate General Of Civil Aviation is the authorised entity which grants AME licence to eligible candidates based on their training. The AME licence is considered as very important for Maintenance Engineers and in the aviation industry itself. To carry out maintenance work of an aircraft and to certify the airworthiness, the licence is mandatory in India and in other countries as well. For aspirants who are looking for an opportunity in the aviation industry, it is the right time to join as Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. A licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer will have job opportunities not limited to India, but internationally as well.